Month: November 2017

Be You…Do You…Black Girl Nation

people-2584164_1920 As women we have pressure on us from society and negative people who always have something to say, for us to be more of something. Ads on television bombard us with how to be more thin, how to be more beautiful, how to me more of this or more of that. People have opinions on what they think you should be. How about choosing to be just more of who God created you to be?

God created each of us individuals to be more than enough, but we have allowed society and the other people tell us different. We have allowed other peoples standards and opinions define us. You don’t have to live by anyone else’s standards other than the ones you have set for your own life.  The only person that can define you is the one starting back at you in the mirror. As long as that person and the man upstairs approves of who you are, other people’s opinion will never hold any weight.


Love is as Love Does…Black Girl Nation


We as women can often make simple things too complicated when it comes to relationships. How many times have you asked or one of your girlfriends asked how do I know if he really cares or if he really loves me? It’s a question that we ask but we already know the answer to when we ask it. Love may be an emotion, but it’s really more of an action. Think about some of the things you do for the people you love. When you love someone there are things you that come natural. Things that you don’t even think about because when you love someone they become second nature.

The same can be applied to a man when he’s in a relationship. Love is as love does. When a man loves you it is something that he will display. You won’t have to try to figure it out his actions will answer that question for you. He can tell you all day that he loves you, but if those actions don’t match then he’s just talking.

When a man truly cares and values you he will walk the walk and talk the talk. He will respect, love, adore, and stand in front of anyone or anything that dares to harm or disrespect you. He will be willing to put himself last in order to put his woman first. He will show you how he feels about you the same way you naturally show the people that you love. Stop trying to figure out if he really loves you, when all you have to do is watch. His actions will show you.

Ways to De-Stress from All of Life’s Mess…Black Girl Nation

Let’s just face it….the reality if life can be a hot freaking mess. All of the responsibilities of life can be enough to bring anyone down. In the midst of dealing with the stress that life can oftentimes bring, it’s important to learn to take the time out to do something to relax yourself. We have to take care of ourselves, and our sanity. If you don’t who else will? Below are some ways to destress from all of life’s mess.

Watch some TV-I don’t know about you but catching up on the latest reality show or watching one of my favorite chick flicks along with a good snack, is a great way to just allow your mind to be entertained and to just relax for a moment. Plus watching people act a food on reality TV can make you realize hey my life’s not so crazy after all!


Eat Chocolate

chocolate-icing-1053289_1920.jpgOh chocolate. God’s greatest gift to women. Sometimes a nice piece of chocolate cake, or your favorite candy bar can be divine!

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself from time to time. As a matter of fact dark chocolate has health benefits.

According to “Chocolate can be used, in appropriate quantities, as one tool for stress reduction. Dark chocolate has been found to improve mood by increasing serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain.” So not only is the stuff good but it can actually help you relieve some stress. Below is a link to the article.

Health Benefits of Chocolate

Prayer-If you believe in God than you certainly must believe in the power of prayer. Getting on you knees and letting God know what’s on your heart and mind is a great way to let it all out. We have a habit of telling everybody and they mama our problems, but we forget that we can always go to God. He listens all the time, and will never send you to voicemail! Our Daily Bread is a good website to go to for daily devotionals and prayers.

Our Daily Bread

Cook a meal fit for a queen…Whether you love to cook, or everything about the kitchen freaks you out, cooking a new recipe can be therapeutic. Especially when it comes out good! There are tons of websites where you can print off recipes, watch videos, and get ideas for a new dish. One of my favorites is Divas Can Cook. The creator of this site is a young lady named Monique, and she cooks the most fabulous dishes. Dishes that remind  you of good home cooking and recipes that are pretty simple to follow. The link to Divas Can Cook is below, and a video of a delicious soup recipe.

Video Recipe